BH x Doja Cat’s Metamorphosis brushes. Review

My overall experience:

The brushes and the whole product cosmetic series have intense colors, with deep pink being more demonstrated, a characteristic of Doja‘s Cat make-up tones and clothing. The packaging is glimmery does rainbow reflections, really cute!

Observing the brush handles, gold chromed with little spheres and a little pink BH logo, I clearly see Doja Cat’s signature in them. They are really pretty! The synthetic bristles on top have an ombre pink coloring. As for the texture of the brush, it is really nice and fluffy.

I would prefer though, the powder brush to be a little stiffer because for me that does a better application of foundation. It does have a good hold on powdered products. 

The quality of the product, in comparison with the price in the market it’s honest and maybe better, for ten brushes.

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