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Would you be happy to be back in the 90’s? Everybody’s fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie Bradshaw) is just like that back with a bird-feather on her head. Green bird turned out to be pink this time. I was so confused with what she was wearing on her wedding in the series ‘Sex and the City’. Some of the greatest designers such as Bottega Veneta, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent, and so on are inspired by her. We’ve seen celebrities like Lady Gaga and Bella Hadid wearing bird-feathered clothes on the red carpet, but Carrie Bradshaw gave it a whole new dimension and the rest followed. This is how it works when you are a fashion icon. I can’t wait to find out, how she’ll surprise us again in the new series ‘And just like that’.

“Sex and the City Sarah Jessica Parker influenced us all since the 80’s, and as it appears, we definitely haven’t seen the end of this great icon. Soon we will all wear bird-feather headbands! Haven’t you started to shop-search already? Well, I did!”

Even though it is ‘just’ a tv-series, the memory of her words “Even for him I put a bird on my head” – honestly still makes me cry. It seems we’ll face more drama in between Sarah Jessica and Big in the new series ‘And just like that’, and I am super excited to watching them again! If you are over-excited too, then follow my stories on instagram @fashionablover, where I’ll be all over the latest SATC Reboot ins and outs!

What about those beautiful Duchessa Gardini heels? I so want those shoes on my feet – never enough shoes right! All the desirable details are there: crystals, diamond shape, sharp point heels, heels, and again heels. Applause to Italian shoemaker Duchessa Gardini! The handpainted Rebecca Moses bag goes seemlessly well together with her complete outfit: nothing is ever standard with Carrie Bradshaw, a true icon, who also made the polka-dots an actual hot fashion item. Say hi to giant polka dots: she completed her Carolina Herrera giant polka dots skirt with a backless Capezio super low black body suit: now that’s magnificent trendsetting right there!

We love you Carrie, and thanks for taking us back to the trendy, wonderful 90’s again, where Friendships Never Go Out Of Style, Just Like That!

Love you all


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