Beyonce & Jay Z @ Tiffany & Co. – Yellow Diamond

With a 20 years history together, 13 years married couple Beyonce and Jay Z were modeling for Tiffany & Co.’s ‘About Love’ collection.
The 39 years young legendary singer Beyonce is the 4th woman who wore the ‘Tiffany Yellow Diamond’ necklace. Last time, Lady Gaga was wearing this impressive necklace during the 2019 Oscars, combining it with a stunning black Alexander McQueen dress.


It’s an iconic necklace, and the timeless – and priceless for that matter – diamond’s story goes back to 1877, when it was discovered in South Africa! Tiffany & Co. Founder Charles Lewis purchased it and had his — 23 years old at the time — gemologist George Frederick Kunz to cut it, after studying the gem for a year! With the cutting, the diamond was reduced from a breathtaking 287.42 carats to its current cushion shape with 128.54 carats, with a stunning 82 facets – versus the usually seen 58 – to maximize its brilliance. What an amazing piece of art!


From the poses on the shots, we can just smell the scent of love: Jay Z and Beyonce looked so romantic. Love was very well captured by the photographer Mason Poole, hence ‘About Love’. The famous photographer captured the moment as ‘ABOUT LOVE’ – and we are forever grateful!

Tiffany & Co shared a concise but cute video of the moment. Beyonce cheerfully sitting behind the piano, and Jay Z capturing the beautiful moment. We want more and longer videos Tiffany & Co.! And while you’re at it, share some more stunning shots of the giant yellow diamond necklace.
Beyonce was wearing a long curve-hugging black gown dress combined with mesh opera gloves. Jay Z is suited with a classic black tuxedo combined with a bow tie. Please, slap me! Jay Z can’t be 51 right, he looks much, much younger!

The couple is well known for the expensive and luxury gifts to each other (- did Beyonce & Jay Z buy the Biggie’s 600K dollar crown for Blue Ivy? -). Side-note: Jay Z became the fifth colored billionaire in the U.S. in 2019! The couple hence, well-earned to be the new faces for Tiffany & Co.’s new campaign!
Tiffany Blue’s ‘Equals Pi’ painting by Jean – Michel Basquiat (1982) was eye-catching too. This unique Tiffany Blue painting was never shown in public before! The couple was fortunate to give poses in front of this hidden gem – or, perhaps, the painting was the lucky one here.
Ooooh, I can’t wait to find out who will be the next star wearing Tiffany & Co.’s Yellow Diamond!

Images from Tiffany & Co's campaign

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