Billie Eilish on Jimmy Kimmel: “You made me look a little stupid”


Well, Billie Eilish is — undoubtedly — the next big thing when it comes to the music industry and ShowBiz. She turns 20 in December this year, and she has already won 7 Grammys. Last night she was invited for the second time to Jimmy Kimmel‘s Live — once again, she was adorable.

Jimmy asked about her attendance at the James Bond: No Time To Die premiere, where she met the royal family, including Prince William and Catherine. She had to follow a list of rules, but she broke a few, as she admitted.

But I tried to. I was planning on it, and they were just so normal. They didn't make me feel like, ‘Oh, I'm scared, I can't talk to them.’ They were very complimentary and they had all these questions for me.

They were just very friendly and funny and sweet. I don't know, I can't complain. It was amazing.

— Right after that, she talked about her relationship with her brother (and songwriter), and she recalled the last time she was Jimmy’s guest where he had asked her “so many questions” (a 17-year-old-kid can’t know all the answers). Yesterday, she returned the favor by testing Jimmy’s Gen Z knowledge (of course, he couldn’t see the solution).

And the show continued with Jimmy Kimmel pulling out Billie’s bucket list from 2014 (she was 12 in 2014) and counting together with Billie what she had done and what’s still in to-do mode. The show closed with Billie giving a haircut to a girl from the audience and punching Jimmy Kemmel in the stomach to tick them off her bucket list.

But, enough with talking ladies, let’s go straight to Jimmy Kimmel’s live with Billie Eilish.

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