Copenhagen Fashion Week SS22


With the end of summer 2021 coming to an end, Copenhagen Fashion Week SS22 brought us straight into next year’s Spring / Summer season. The city was overloaded with magnificent looks. Colors were popping out everywhere! What I learned from the Copenhagen Fashion Week SS22 street-looks is to go with statement colors: get bright colors in your daily outfits! Green, orange, pink, red, yellow – bring it on!

There’s a ton of fashionable stuff to talk about with the Copenhagen SS22 street-looks, but first, let me tell you what the key points were, and while we’re @ it, let’s swing into what-to-wear the coming Spring / Summer Season – ooooh, I can’t wait! –  


The key garments and — colors presented were:

The presented outfits were full of colors, prints, patterns, and florals, next to some minimalist looks, for those preferring to wearing black – especially in leather – dark-colored trench coats and loads of other items!


High heels were almost invisible! Statement pieces combined well with comfy shoes such as sandals, sneakers, and slippers. Let your feet be in comfort. Be comfy; feel great with your sneakers.


Mostly pouches were in the hands, and again with the colors green, orange, pink. Also, we spotted some 90’s looks! (yay!).


Hardly any skinny jeans! Instead, cargo pants, flares, and wide legs are back in town.

Sure thing: nothing conservative, it’s all screaming ‘freedom’, ‘open mind’, and ‘unlimited happiness’—dresses over pants, oversized jackets on top of wide pants, and so on.

“Sloppy?” Oooh Nooo! “Cool?” You bet!

I am so happy to see the fashion weeks back on the streets again. With the covid restrictions slowly fading, the streets deserve to be colorful! The event was packed with fashion-lovers from all over, and each was making their unique and beautiful statement in the Copenhagen streets.


Spring/Summer Tip

If you’re ready to make your perfect Spring / Summer-look, start with choosing your star garment, make a statement with a bright color or stunning pattern, and let the rest blend in. Make yourself bright and visible, like a star! Play with the colors as much as possible, and don’t hesitate to combine them with busy patterns, florals, and colorful accessories!


Keep wearing your (old) summer clothes and combine them with oversized blazers and trenchcoats. Get your favorite statement piece, and combine it with simple, calm, and easy items. Don’t forget: your clothes are timeless!

Belts & Hats are in!

Belts and hats were the statement accessories throughout the Copenhagen Fashion Week SS22.
“Use belts on your skirts, pants, even over your cardigans!”
If you are a more minimalist person and not really in for colors, then yes: keep yourself simple, minimalist, but you’d definitely show off your great, unique you by carrying a ‘kelly green pouch in your hand! Or only wear your dark gray or brown long trenchcoat, with some stunning kelly green sneakers under it! How sexy will that be!
“Don’t be shy, time to be crazy and free again! Spring / Summer ’22 is gonna be a big party! And We’re All Invited!”


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