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After the Milan Fashion Week where we saw Kim Jones orchestrate a creative swap with Donatella Versace called “Fendace”, it’s now time to welcome “Fendiskims”. That’s right, SKIMS and Fendi started a new partnership and Kardashian was the one who first announced it.

Introducing FENDI x SKIMS - a first of its kind collaboration that unites the luxury of Fendi with the innovation of SKIMS.

FENDI X SKIMS ✨ Dream Team ✨

We’ve been hearing rumors about this collaboration for a few weeks now, but now it’s officially announced with Kim Kardashian being the messenger through 2 Instagram posts she released earlier today (10/25/21), spanning everything from shapewear and lingerie to swimwear and outerwear.

This partnership is about a limited edition collection and includes pieces featuring both brands’ iconic logos. Yes,  it’s all about the logos. This limited-edition collection launches on November 9 at 6 am PST at the official website for this partnership, fendiskims.com. The prices will be a little up and as WSJ reports the prices of the collection will range between $100 to $4,200.

Date Time Location Price Range
November 9, 2021 6am PST - 9am EST fendiskims.com $100 - $4,200

The collection includes a range of sensual, body enhancing pieces such as form-fitting tops and tank dresses, see-through bras and stockings, as well as one-piece swimsuits and puffer jackets. Most of the pieces are embossed with both companies’ logos and come in solids including black, military green, black and fuchsia, as well as a gradient of flesh tones.

Images: Fendi x SKIMS

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