Go with the Flow or Wetness

Bella-Hadid wearing Dimitra Pestsa Wetness

Last Sunday, Instagram was shaken by the ‘wet look’ of Bella Hadid, who was wearing a super sexy wet look dress designed by the Greek fashion designer Dimitra Petsa. Dimitra Petsa called her collection ‘Wetness’, inspired by bodily fluids! The wet look white mini dress costs 2,840 Dollars.

Instead of paying that amount for a wet looking dress, can’t we just go under the shower and soak ourselves?

Oh Nooo, Just kidding! But, is this the designer’s ‘new normal’? What if we spoil a drink on ourselves – shouldn’t we bother to clean and dry it? Or worse, if your hungover friend ‘releases’ herself all over you, would it look like a natural pattern on us? Well, the answer to that is obvious, but in fact the real story actually origins from a situation just like that!


Dimitra Petsa “It wasn’t an accident however, it was part of my performance art. I decided to pee my pants in public, in a crowded subway in Athens.”

Natural art versus fashion; don’t be shy for your natural fluids, present them to the world around you! seems to be the designer’s message here. But can we – and do we want to(?!) – deal with this? is the one-million dollar question of course.

I checked out the wet look collection for you, and it is – to say the least – surprising! You can find them on my instagram stories @fashionablover. My favourite picks are the one-sleeve wet script top, and wet dreams bra dress: quite impressive!

Congrats Dimitra Petsa, great job!

Bella Hadid combined her wet look dress with Yeezy Foam Runners and gold jewelry. Gold details gave her bronze skin a perfect shine. Bella Hadid looks spotless with her glowly summer makeup and sportive hair style. This complete wet and glowy look gave her signature to Summer 2021.

Also, Megan Fox, Zerina Akers and of course Kylie Jenner wore Dimitra’s wet look collection. Check their Instagrams too!

Are you ready for a bodily fluid look too?

Be aware of people approaching you with hair-dryers and towels. And, if it comes to our body fluids: ‘Go With The Flow’ suddenly got a whole new dimension!

You look gorgeous Bella! And to answer your question to us all on instagram

“Do you know how much I love you?”

– Yes we do! And Bella, do you know how much we love you? –

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