Happy Birthday Madonna!


Last week, Madonna, born on 16. August 1958, celebrated her 63rd birthday in Italy together with her 6 beautiful kids and her hot boyfriend, dancer Ahlamalik Williams. The whole weekend we were entertained with her awesome birthday party photos. Iconic Madonna’s birthday was held in Italy, but it was certainly celebrated by the entire world!


Have you seen the video Madonna shared on her Instagram account? What a great woman! The gelato ice cream was cold, but certainly not Madonna: she was soooo hot! Her kids, Ahlamalik, and their friends had a perfect time, and so did we via her posts. She gave the camera awesome poses with a cigar in her hand and shared photos of her birthday gifts and the long luxe birthday party table with her followers.

With the theme of the birthday party being ‘Under the spell of the Byzantine Empire’, Madonna was wearing a multicolored patterned dress with an incredible diamond headpiece. She was overloaded with pink roses.


The beautifully hearted star had a birthday wish: fans to adopt a bed at Malawi’s Mercy James Centre Hospital to ensure that sick or injured children can receive needed care in the African country. Here’s what she wrote:

“Hi everyone. My birthday is right around the corner, and here is the best gift you can give me. As you know, I have a hospital, called the Mercy James Center, that I built four years ago in Blantyre”.

“It’s the only hospital of its kind that takes care of children. It’s the only hospital that does intensive care. It’s the only pediatric intensive care unit that exists in the entire country,” 

“It’s expensive to keep a hospital going. There are a lot of costs. I can’t do it on my own. I’m asking for you, on my birthday, to help me, so here’s what I need. I would like all of you to donate money to buy a bed. I need 50 beds.

“I need them because I want to ensure that every child that comes into that hospital and has an operation or surgery of any kind has a bed to recuperate in afterwards, and is taken care of. It’s specialized medicine, and with the great team of people, we have available. I will name that bed after you… thank you in advance for your generosity, and happy birthday to me.”

She also announced that Warner Music Group will now be responsible for Madonna’s entire recorded music catalog.

What a great human being! A true star! 


Images from Madona's Birthday

Images: Happy Birthday Madonna!

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