How to wear Jeans? – Jeans Style Guide


In 1873, Jacobs Davis and Levi Strauss invented the jeans, that even today, are our essential pieces in many outfits.

Jeans – or denim – were used by miners, cowboys, playboys, rock stars, Hollywood stars, celebrities, and so on… Designers kept – and keep – on using denim pieces for their collection, and we see them throughout most fashion weeks too!

But how to combine jeans? How to look trendy in them? What type of denim cut fits best with your body proportions, and how to style it?

Well, let’s bring it on :

How to Combine Jeans

Before we start:

  • Wearing jeans will make you look younger!
  • Long legs? Denim is definitely your friend! Don’t hesitate: get in there!
  • Curvy body? No better way to show it off in nice trendy jeans!
  • You don't need to spend money, you can take advantage of items that already live in your closet!
  • High-rise jeans will make you look taller!
  • For a more classy look, choose dark jeans!
Total Time Needed: 6 minutes
Total Cost: 0 USD

You need these:

* Confidence
* Your Imagination

And some of these:

* Jeans
* Tops - Tees - Sweaters - Shirts - Blazers
* Sneakers - Boots - Heels

The Combinations

backless tops
Combine boyfriend jeans with sexy backless tops.
cropped tops
Wear high waisted jeans with cropped tops.
black corset tops
Style dark jeans with black corset tops.
cut-off tees
Combine heavily stonewashed jeans with cut-off tees.
short tops
Wear cropped flare jeans with short, cropped tops.
woollen sweaters
Style high rise jeans with soft woollen sweaters.
long tunic style tops
Combine skinny jeans with long tunic style tops.
denim on denim
Use denim on denim and pair it with short ankle boots.
colorful heels
Pair cropped jeans with colorful heels.
oversized blazers
For a trendy look, style boyfriend jeans with an oversized blazer.
over-sized surcoats
Pair skinny jeans with over-sized top surcoats.
stiletto heels
Wear mom-jeans with stiletto heels.
blazers and heels
For an office-look style cropped jeans with blazers and heels.
over-knee boots
Skinny jeans pair nicely with over-knee boots and oversized tops.
Necklace x white top
Wearing a statement necklace on a white top paired with jeans always suits well.
hidden high heels
Flared jeans combined with hidden high heels will present you taller.
What to avoid
  • Please, don’t let your underwear stick out of your jeans: it’s so off (anymore?).
  • Do not let your jeans cut into your stomach area.
  • Low-rise cuts are not in — yet! If you do have them, please hide them somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine.
  • Stay far away from too-tight jeans (run away if you approach any).
  • Only wear skinny jeans, if you are fit enough to wear them.

One thing for sure: Jeans are for All, and All are for Jeans!

So how do you combine your jeans? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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