How to Wear The Oversized Cardigans of Different Colors



Supermodels are so hot and fashionable all the time. What are the favorite outfits of them in winter? We can get the hint from their many street-style looks in the oversized cardigan sweaters. Apparently, the long soft cardigans are warm and stylish to build cool looks for them. We can make a good use of these outfits to become the eye-catching style leaders too. What are the perfect ways to show our feminine temperament and fashion taste? This article is showing you the top tips according to different colors.

What to wear with a grey oversized cardigan:

Gray is a quite a versatile and high-class color that can be seen in the suede, wool, knitted sweater or even basic shirt. It is a color that creates a casually elegant feel for women easily. Wear a long grey cardigan coat with a silk long dress and a pair of furry high heels (grey and pink are preferred), so sweet and sexy. If you are not so into with the high heels, a pair of ankle boots is appropriate in the winter.

How to pair with a long black cardigan:

Black is a color that born with a domineering visual effect. For a casual black long cardigan, paring it with a bottom knitting shirt of the same color make you become the fashion queen of street style. The wonderful visual effect come from black long cardigan is as good as a high-end black wool overcoat. Just remember that never neglect the details to avoid your looks being monotonous. For example, echoing your looks with a pair of black high-heeled boots is quite nice.

What to wear with a beige casual cardigan sweater:

It is natural to take the beige as a retro color with so many successful looks by the predecessors. And because playing the retro style has so much fun, you should go for a vintage but fashion beige cardigan sweater. To strengthen the retro flavor, you can wear it with a pair of retro wide-leg denim jeans and a pair of suede boots. In this way, the fashion flavor of your looks will be raised to the next level.

How to pair with a camel hooded cardigan sweater coat:

Camel is a color that often seen in cardigan sweaters too. To match and be coordinated with the camel, the pairing color should not be too bright like the red. It is better to be a black bottom, a shirt or a dress are both good choices. Then the stylish camel hooded cardigan is going to highlight your complexion in a concise way.


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