Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck’s Kiss At The Airport


Bennifer is by far the best celebrity love story, and their reunion is our favorite romance option since Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s marriage.

Ben Affleck, 49, and Jennifer Lopez, 52, were first started dating in early 2002 They got engaged in November 2002, but they postponed their wedding, days before they were set to walk down the aisle, and officially broke up by January 2004.

Moving forward to 2021, they reignited their love and have been inseparable after making it official with their public appearance at the Venice Film Festival’s red carpet in September this year.

The last time we saw the couple was about a few hours ago. After spending the weekend together in Los Angeles, Ben brought Jennifer to the airport for a flight to Vancouver on Sunday. While on the tarmac, the pair shared a passionate kiss before they parted ways.

A source shared via People that it’s difficult for the couple to be apart from one another.

Jennifer and Ben spent the weekend together in L.A. They still have intense work schedules, but are finding time for each other whenever they can,” the source says. “Several times, Jennifer flew to Austin for only a few hours before she had to return to filming in Vancouver. It’s difficult for them to be apart.

They are making it work though. They are incredibly happy when they are together. It’s like the distance has made them appreciate their relationship even more,” adds the insider. “Jennifer keeps gushing about how amazing Ben is. He makes her very happy.

And since Christmas is coming we’re about to see more of Bennifer’s romantic moments because the couple plans on spending the holidays together. Stay tuned for more, and let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Images: Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck’s Kiss At The Airport

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