Size zero is not the perfect size anymore


Edward Enninful, British Vogue Chief Editor, since 2017, speaking on River Cafe Table 4 podcast, made some revolutionary statements about the stern terms of modeling, up to this day. Here is the outline and how the podcast evolved in a couple of minutes.

First of all, he said thatThere’s a misconception that fashion people don’t eat, but that’s not true”.

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Edward Kobina Enninful 49 Editor In Chief (Brithish Vogue) Pisces @edward_enninful

With this as a pretext, Ruth Rogers, host and River’s cafe chef, asked the fashion director:

Is the idea in order to look good in clothes you have to be thin?  Do models have to look a certain way? And that would mean denial of food?

Enninful responded:

When you look, at least, my Vogue anyway, everybody’s welcome. All shapes, all sizes, all colors” and he continued: “When I look now, three years later, the other magazines, everybody is all so welcoming.

That strict thing of being size zero, and that this is the perfect size, doesn’t exist anymore. Even the idea of being a model has changed: You can be short, you can be curvy, you can be disabled.

And Rogers wondered if it has been a struggle for stores and designers to expand their work in other categories:

Designers now know that they missed out a whole market. Why would you want to miss out on something that would make your business even better?”, he answered.

He also mentioned that he is excited with the new generation,they are so welcoming, so open

And he subjoined:So the industry changed, it’s not perfect, at least what happened last summer, you know black lives matter, and now companies realize they have to hire people from diverse backgrounds behind the scenes.

To watch it change slowly it’s quite great. Conversations that are being had now would have never had about 10 years ago”.

He made the fashion industry look more sustainable to a broader group, and mentioned that:we deal with topics that real women are passionate about”.


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