Time to redefine Cardigans


We’re getting to the end of August, and already the evenings started to be chilly. Are you still wearing your bikini and having your ice-cold drink in your hands? Well, I’m afraid that this is going to be changed soon. But no worries, because fall opens her doors for our lovely cardigans.

Yes, I mean the items taking the most place in our closets. I myself, to be honest with you, am not much of a cardigan fan as it just makes me feel uncomfortable, and surely compared to my lovely, easy, and thin summer clothes. But, I must admit, there are some adorable colored cardigans around!

Now, Kendall Jenner found a great way to step from her summer clothes into her black-colored chest-hooked cardigan. Good on you, Kendall! We are not obliged to wear our cardigans as they’re ‘meant to be’, right? We wear our scarfs in different ways (one-shoulder, halter neck, front tie, and so on), so why not our cardigans as well?

Kendall Jenner combined her cardigan with a pair of high-waisted trousers. Looks super cool on her. I totally love this idea.


If you don’t have a chest hooked cardigan, don’t waste your time searching for it: button-up knit-tops are the other option for you! I am pretty sure, that you have at least one of those in your closet. Just close a couple of buttons at the top and leave the rest open. Let it breathe. Combine your cardigan with wide-leg trousers, and done! Easy and comfy and super cool.
Kendall Jenner is well known for her remarkable styling! Her strong followers love the way she dares to play with her clothes, a real trendsetter! Clearly ‘nothing is impossible’ is her fashion motto, and we love it!
Fortunately, Kendall is not alone in turning boring winterish cardigans into a sexy fashion item! Other celebs like Bella Hadid know how to get us all excited too! Check out my Instagram stories @fashionablover for more!
We love you Kendall, and thanks for re-defining our cardigans as sexy, timeless pieces. Fall will be cool and sexy this year!

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