Met Gala 2021: Best Fashion Looks


With the streets just wiped clean after the great New York Fashion Week, it’s now time to enjoy the ‘Met Gala’! On September 13th, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City opened its doors to the celebrities for the Met Gala once again, after it was postponed from May to September, because of Covid-19.

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Here, I would like to quickly highlight the top five best celebrity looks of the Met Gala evening. Why the best looks? ‘Cause only the best is good enough for Flair Magazine’s readers!’

Leon Bridges

Applause to Leon Bridges – a true American Cowboy on Met Gala, wearing a fringed suede cowboy jacket and of course paired with a stylish cowboy hat!


Hats off to Rihanna – who can carry this gorgeous black gown as charming as she does! Rihanna paired her huge gown with a matching headpiece.

Tracee Ellis Ross

Hurrahs for Tracee Ellis Ross – No it’s not a trenchcoat! Eye opener blue trenchcoat-look dress.

Megan Fox

Kudos to Megan Fox – Sexuality is her theme! She has the body for decollete all over her red color laced dress.

Shawn Mendes

Standing ovation for Shawn Mendes – Like Coco Chanel was ‘wearing Chanel No.5’, Shawn Mendes definitely decided on ‘wearing his sixpack!’

He looked like a superhero in his Michael Kors outfit.

What a stunning Met Gala! Kudos

Images from Met Gala 2021: Top 5 Looks

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