4 must-try costume ideas: Halloween 2021 Inspo


Halloween is around the corner and with Covid restrictions finally coming to an end, it’s not just a rumor that the Halloween celebration this year will take place mainly outdoors. So I took the chance and made a little research for myself, and by the way, I wanted to present to you my favorite 4 Halloween themes and costume ideas inspired from 2021 so far. So let’s get some inspiration and see my favorite costume ideas for October 31st.

No .01: Squid Game

The record-smashing series of Netflix is my No.1 suggestion. It’s unisex, and the “safe” choice. My guess: we’ll see magenta uniforms and masks with PlayStation controller buttons on them in every corner. 

No .02: Met Gala 2021

We saw tones of creativity at the Met Gala this year; take Dan Levy, Lil Nas-x, or Kim Kardashian as an example. It’s not the safe choice, but an attention grabber — and definitely a sexy one.

No .03: Marvel - DC Superheroes

That’s kind of a safe choice as well. And a sexy one. The 20-30% of people will be dressed as superheroes. Again. But it never gets old!

No .04: Vampire Ed Sheeran

And finally, my favorite new inspiration so far is Vampire Ed Sheeran from the music video of “Bad Habits”. Yes, that’s my favorite Halloween theme so far — including the other characters from the music video.

What’s your favorite theme for Halloween inspiration? Let me know in the comments below!

Images: 4 must-try costume ideas: Halloween 2021 Inspo


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